28 October 2017




The Sanibel Naturists held its 33rd Annual Halloween Party with 18 club members in attendance.  Everyone was in costume and got a kick out of seeing each other’s costume.






There was one big drawback for the party, it rained all day and up to about midnight causing the swimming pool to cool down to the mid 80’s, as well as, the hot tub to cool down to around 98 degrees.  How did this happen?  Well, Hurricane Irma had caused some of the roofing over the pool electrical room to leak allowing water to drip down into Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected electrical panel.  Without power being available the pool pump wouldn’t pump water so the pool’s gas heater would not turn on without water flowing through it.  Water also dripped down into the GFCI outlet for the stereo system, so no Halloween music or sounds were available. 


The rain did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm or appetite.  It seems like everyone brought an abundance of finger food to be shared by all.  When people were not in the pool or hot tub, they were sitting around the table or the bar and snacking.    


Regardless of the weather, Sanibel Naturists always have fun and enjoy themselves.  Before the party was over we had a volunteer to host the 34th Annual Halloween Party next year.  Join the Sanibel Naturists and get in on the fun. 


Photos and report by Gene & Ann T



21 October 2017


Looking North


Beachmeister’s Log:  Saturday, 21 October 2017, It’s pretty windy on the bay side with winds 15 to 18 mph coming out of the East. The weather was basically the same all weekend long.  No Sanibel Naturists attendees on the beach other than Denice and I. 



On Friday we anchored in the bay and walked over to the beach.  Allowing for the wind direction on to the island, we were surprised to see how calm the Gulf was.  There were 3 boats anchored in the general area of the Sanibel Naturists nude beach property.


Saturday, we anchored on the Gulf side without any problems and remained anchored on that side all day.  Only 1 other boater in the immediate area.  The 2 pictures I took show the wave action around 3:00 pm facing North and South. 


If our boat captains can figure out how to manage the ride to the club’s beach in windy conditions, then the destination is worth it!  If any of the club’s boat captains are interested in discussing options on how to get to the beach, then do not hesitate to contact me.  I don’t mind telling you that even with the wind blowing my wife and I crossed over the waters and back on Saturday and Sunday in my 17 feet long flats boat.


Looking South

I just can’t get enough of the club’s great nude beach! 


Report by:  Randy B.


Photos by:  Randy B





26 August 2017



Presently North Port, Florida is at the northern end of our clubs Dinner Out zone.  So, it was surprising that we had 19 people attend the Dinner Out coming from as far away as North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Saint James City.  


The Olde World Restaurant had a long table set up in a large side room for our use exclusively.  The food was exquisite, the drinks great, and the wait staff very professional and prompt.   If you have not eaten there, then plan on doing it soon.  You won’t regret it. 


We had a member of Public Broadcast Station WGCU Radio as our guest.  He interviewed quite a few of our members and said that later on there would be something on the radio about our club.  He told us that our members cleared up quite a few misconceptions the general public has about naturists.





After dinner all of us drove over to our hosts home, Kevin and Linda, for drinks, desserts, and a swim in their lovely, warm-water swimming pool.  Kevin took the guys on a tour of his Man Cave which he has just started.  The party started breaking up around 10 pm and everyone was gone by 10:30 pm.   Thank you Linda and Kevin for inviting us to your home for an after dinner party.




Report and photos by: Gene T.


President of Sanibel Naturists 





Visani Restaurant and Comedy Theater

29 July 2017



Seventeen hungry Sanibel Naturists showed up at the Visani Restaurant and Comedy Theater on Kings Highway in Port Charlotte ready to eat.  Visani’s has had a long standing reputation with the Sanibel Naturists for having a wide variety of excellent entres and drinks at very reasonable prices.  We were seated in the banquet room with the tables forming

a large “L” shape.  


The wait staff was quick delivering our drinks and taking our orders.  The lighting was a bit too rosy for pictures, so some were made using the rooms lights and a few others were with a flash. 



Following the Dinner Out everyone went to Gene and Ann’s house for a pool party and desserts.  Can you think of a nicer way to spend 5 hours on a Saturday night than with sixteen of your best friends?




Report by Gene T.


Photos by Joe O. & Gene T.



9 July 2017



At 12 noon Dennis and Gail opened their home to host the Sanibel Naturists Quarterly meeting on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Our club has members scattered from Marco Island, Florida to Tarpon Springs, Florida, and 7 northern states, so getting 26 of them together in summer is a pretty good gathering.  The club paid for the lunches main entre, the members brought side dishes and desserts creating a feast for everyone. 


Following lunch our President Gene opened the meeting at 2 PM with the Pledge of Alligence to the Flag followed by some highlights of activities to come in the next few weeks.  Officers and various Chairmen of committies gave their past 3 months reports.  Members were reminded that nominations for Officers for the next 2 years will be made at the October Quarterly Meeting.   After everyone had a chance to ask questions and make comments the meeting ended 42 minutes later. 


Those pictured above were invited to sit on one side of the pool for a group photo for the website www.sanibelnaturist.com  and our newsletter, The Beach Comber.  


Report and Photo


By President Gene


17 June 2017

Seventeen of the Sanibel Naturists had a Dinner Out on the 17th of June at Fathoms Restaurant in Cape Coral, Florida.  The gathering started at 5:30pm for cocktails and appetizers.  After everyone arrived and had greeted each other the waiters started taking our orders.   When our orders were brought out we were amazed at the very large size of the servings.  The quality of the food and the taste were excellent.  The only drawback to the dinner was the waiters forgot to provide napkins or coasters when our drinks were served.  The cold glasses and the humidity created puddles of water on the table.  The waiters did provide them if you asked for them, but only to those that asked.  Fathom's gets a 4 star overall rating.

Following the Dinner Out everyone went to Steve and Polly's lovely home for coffee and yummy baked goods.  The weather had been great all day long and now the evening was just perfect.  Most of the people sat outside by the swimming pool and admired the view of houses and boats across the canal.  The dock lights from the other side of the canal created shimmering lines of yellow across the smooth surface of the water leading to each viewers eye's.  For about two hours we talked with each other catching up on what had been going on lately and what was coming up soon in their lives.  Around 10 O'clock everyone started leaving, thanking our hosts for selecting a great restaurant and inviting us into their home.

Reported by
Gene T.




18 March 2017



It was one of those days in March when the sunshine flows unimpeded and not even the smallest of clouds can be seen anywhere in the sky. The wind was less than a slight breeze, waves almost had ripples on them, and the temperature was in the low 80's. Against those tough conditions six Sanibel Naturists ventured across open water with boats to our club's nude beach for a day in the sun. It was an unbelievable day at the beach. We laid in the sun, sat in chairs, and talked about any and everything. Beyond each end of our property were boats with families playing and laying in the warm Florida sun.


About 5 hours later the wind began to pick up speed, so it was decided to pack up and leave to avoid bigger waves as we headed home. My route home was 30 miles over water crossing the Charlotte Harbor the long way across the center of it. Wave that started out at about 8 inches in height rapidly grew to about 18 to 22 inches high as the wind reached about 19 mph. I had to slow down from 25 mph to around 17 mph to keep each of the waves from splashing over the front side of my boat. I enjoyed the bouncing, but Ann wasn't so enthused. It took us about 1 and a half hours to return to our starting point.


The warm weather of Spring is now upon us, and more Sanibel Naturists will be joining in on the Flotillas. Will you be among them?


Photo and Report by:
Gene T.
President of Sanibel Naturists

Award of Appreciation
8 January 2017



Gene T., President of the Sanibel Naturists, presented Gail S. an award for being our Treasurer for 16.5 years. The award was presented at the Annual Meeting on the 8th of January 2017.  The award read in part, "...With heartfelt thanks and appreciation from members of the Sanibel Naturists for all of your hard work as Treasurer from July 8, 2001 to January 8, 2017."  Gail was not expecting the award and was a bit emotional. With tears in her eyes she thanked everyone for the award. Gail also received a large burgundy Yankee candle with leaf etchings in the glass.


Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort

27-29 January 2017


From January 27th until the 29th three Sanibel Naturists visited Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort in Loxahatchee, Florida.  Gene T., Ann H., and David B. were duly impressed with the resort.  The tropical plants abounded everywhere forming areas of natural beauty.  Scattered throughout the 40 acres were RV’s, 5th wheel trailers, travel trailers, and tents.  There was a lot of space among the vehicles, so that no one felt crowded in.  There were several winding marl topped roads in the resort going around quite a few ponds and small lakes filled with box turtles and softshell turtles that happily shared the waters with ducks.  Of particular note was the bamboo outdoor shower open to the sky with consisting of walls made from bamboo and large rainfall shower heads.  It was softly lighted, had a cement floor, and provided a bath soap that had a tropical fragrance.  A clean, hot water bath felt good in the cool night air.


The days were warm, so no clothing was required, but the nights did get a bit chilly.  On Saturday night there was a live band in the dance hall.  They played music from the 60’s in keeping with the theme of Age of Aquarius.  Almost everyone got up and danced with each song from 8 PM until 12:30 AM.  It was a night of non-stop dancing.


We awoke on Sunday morning to the sound of a light rain falling.  Ordinarily that would be considered nice, but we needed to pack up for our return trip home, and the air temperature was 48 degrees.  Lucky for us there was about 1 hour without any rainfall in which we could get most of the packing up done, but the cold wind was bone chilling.


Overall, the resort was very nice, clean, and the people were very friendly and helpful.  If you are interested, their website is:  www.sunsportgardens.com





Blue Dog at Matlacha
November 19, 2016

Just under 20 members and potential new members met for luncheon and an Art Walk at Blue Dog in Matlacha.  It was a beautiful day, great food and good conversation!

Dennis and Gail's Home
12 December 2015


 It's the most wonderful time of the year.  And the most wonderful party of the year.  And… the most wonderful turnout of the year, over 50 of SN members were there!  This party had everything.


Dennis and Gail's decorations were festive, and the beautiful and toasty fireplace added to the ambiance.  The club and Gail provided an ample abundance of Holiday food - ham and turkey with all the trimmings.  It was great chatting with our SN friends by the fire, at the bar, at the tables, in the hot tub, and in the wonderfully warm pool.


The grand finale to a great day was Santa arriving with a very nice gift for each member.  A special thanks to Dennis and Gail for all the cleaning, decorating, shopping, and for a wonderful and special party.


Report by Mary Kay


Photos by Dennis


Sandy Parrot Tiki Bar & Grill
7 November 2015


What a treat the Sanibel Naturist had on a Saturday when they held their November Dinner Out at the Sandy Parrot Tiki Bar & Grill located at 17200 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, 33908.  There was an Elvis impersonator singing in the main dining room, but we could see and hear all of it.  The Sandy Parrot had turned on the outdoor speakers for us.  Only a large glass wall separated us from Elvis, so basically we were about 15 feet from his stage.
Here are a few of the 29 members that attended the Dinner Out




We ordered our drinks and dinners and even though the Tiki Bar was filled to capacity, we got our orders quickly and correctly.  Every one said they enjoyed their meal, the food was prepared expertly, and tasted just as we wanted it to taste.  Our thanks to the management and staff for a perfect dining experience.
After the Dinner Out a lot of us went to an after dinner party at Dennis and Gail's.

Phils 41 Restaurant
24 October 2015




We've been there before.  23 of us went back again because the food is good there.  The food was great as usual.  The manager and wait staff were happy and upbeat and welcomed us with open arms.  I was little disappointed that no one had volunteered to hold an after dinner gathering.  It was fun.  Be sure to watch for the next dinner out.  Thanks to those who attended.  Sorry you missed it for those who did not.  PS  maybe next time we can get someone to host an after dinner party. 


Reported by:  Mystery Writer

Photos By Gene



18 October 2015
Hosted by Alan & Sue


What did not happen:  Not everyone got in the picture.  No rain.  No one had a bad time.  No one complained that Allen and Sue did not provide a fabulous spread.  No one was disappointed that our club had two guest surprise speaker.  No one stayed out of the pool.  No one was surprised that we had 12 guests, in attendance; always enjoyable greeting and meeting prospective new members.  No one was discombobulated as the meeting began. 


Ah!  The meeting with 34 people present.   Mary B. (our present president) always high energy, introduced John Schlinz as AANR Florida Club Liaison.  John covered how other clubs were organized, what nude beaches they used, and were working on trying to keep the beaches NUDE through education of the county authorities.  This includes the sheriff's departments, elected officials, as well as civic leaders.  Several beaches were mentioned of which many of the Club member are familiar and have enjoyed.  The main topic John was trying to convey was that various clubs should join together in trying to help each other on the beach issues.  Keeping them free and Nude.  The time, energy,  knowledge, and people skills that John has requires enormous tact. Thank you John.  


Mr. Jonathan Duffield our AANR Government Affairs nationwide coordinator was the next speaker.  Jonathan represents all of AANR clubs and was able to visit with various members on a one-on-one conversation.   If one ever wonders how some of our dues are invested, yes invested.  Jonathan’s distilled version of what his responsibilities are was marvelously presented.  Jonathan’s experience and commitment showed how lucky AANR is to have him directing, coordination, assisting and being there in person when help is needed.  Jonathan helps our clubs not only in Florida but nationwide in our right to keep the beaches free, clean, wholesome and nude.  Keep in mind that our meeting was on a Sunday afternoon.  How many folks are committed to work on a week-end or Sunday during football season?  Jonathan keep up the wonderful work.  Mary B. was able to redirect the meeting back to the agenda, if not the members would still be asking the AANR representatives questions.


Nominations for the following offices were for:  Treasurer, Gail; Secretary, Mary Kay, and for President, Mary B. and Gene.  WOW!  There are two (2) candidates for the office of President willing and able to serve with the highest qualification for the next two years.  Mary B. is the incumbent.  Gene has held almost every office with the Sanibel Naturists over his many long years with the club.  Mary B. has been president for the last 4 years.  Great job.  Who will have the votes to carry on the fine tradition of good leadership as President?  Paid up dues members will be able to vote once the ballots are mailed out. 


Just as a side note, Jonathan was asked if there could be a televised debate between Gene and Mary B., our presidential nominees, on national TV so they could bare their agenda.  I think it would be a very good idea as the candidates could show a very transparent policy.  But alas, it seems that currently the PAC funds are funding other candidates who cannot qualify for Sanibel Naturists membership.  So for this election the televised debates will have to be put on hold.


Oh! By the way, the Sanibel Naturists has merchandise for sale that any proud Naturist would be willing to wear.......well, when it gets cold or you need to cover-up.

Plus well-coordinated dining out at local restaurants followed many times by members opening their homes for after dinner coffee and dessert, and always with lots laughter and conversations that often lead to where we are going to go next. 


Where are we going to go next?  Become a member and find out.


Report by: Rush

Photo by:  Gene




Ruby Tuesday

12 September 2015



Braving heavy rain and lightning, 10 Sanibel Naturists showed up for a delicious Dinner Out at Ruby Tuesday located at 1851 Pine Island Road, Cape Coral, FL  33909.  We were scheduled to have 12 members, but perhaps the weather kept two of them away.  Or, as seen below, the over-grown hedge partially obscured the roadside sign making it difficult to see it in the rain.  I was standing on an elevated area and holding the camera above my head so the sign would be visible in the picture.


You can tell by the almost empty plates that the food was way above our expectations.  I had a steak that was so tender you could cut it with a plastic party spoon, and it had a wonderful taste without being buried under lots of pepper and salt.  Others had lobster tails, steaks, crab cakes, or visited the salad bar.  Everyone was enjoying their great dinner when I interrupted them to take their picture.  But, you can tell by their smiles they were having a good time.



Following the Dinner Out one of our members invited all of us to their house for an after dinner party.  They had a beautiful swimming pool that was solar heated to about 90 degrees.  We didn’t get into the pool as the lightning had started up again, so we ate some terrific Key Lime pie our hosts provided and visited for about one and a half hours. 


Perhaps more Sanibel Naturists will join us at our next Dinner Out.  If you are not already a member and would like to join, click on “Membership” above this story and follow the directions. 


Reported by Gene

Pool  Party
Ginger's House
22 August 2015


It is always fun going to Ginger's house.  When you step through the door you are greeted by lions and tigers and giraffes, Oh My!  When you enter the dining room it is reminiscent of an Italian restaurant, with the chefs smiling at you and her family room is calming and relaxing with dolphins swimming around.  While at the opposite end of the room you are treated to 15 or more Disney snow globes from famous Disney movies.  The best part is walking into the lanai and pool area surrounded with purple privacy curtains and finding 20 or so happy nude people relaxing and chatting together.  Even the wind and rain later in the afternoon did not change the happy atmosphere.  People remained in the lanai and even in the pool.  It was great to see old friends and meet new/prospective members Barb and John, and Hans.  Gingers sloppy joes were yummy as was a large variety of sides and desserts.  The frosted key lime cookies were heavenly.  It was a great party.

Reported by:  Mary Kay

Laishley's Crab House
14 August 2015


On Friday night, Polly and I enjoyed one of the many Sanibel Naturists Dinner Out  "Meet and Greets"


We met five new friends.  What could be better?  We ate at one of the awesome waterfront restaurants that would surely draw Jimmy Buffet himself. That would be the Laishley's Crab House! Located on the water in booming Punta Gorda. I had the steamed pot which had a crab in it, hence the name "crab house" and Polly had some low carb salad or something and gin. Everyone had good looking dinners. I will come back again to sample because there were no complaints and clean plates. After dinner folks can enjoy their choice of live entertainment at Laishleys, Hurricane Charlies or Harpoon Harry's  on the water with cool breezes and great sunset views.

Then Polly adds:  We shared the delicious appetizer of Coconut Shrimp five medium sized and very tasty with the pina colada sauce and then I, along with Mary Kay & Gene, had the Grouper dish with crabmeat on top with another fine sauce and lots of very fresh green beans.  It was perfect!


Report Submitted by:

Steve and Polly


Captain Fishbone's Seafood Restaurant and Grill
25 July 2015


Six of the Sanibel Naturists members were joined by 3 prospective new member for a dinner out at Captain Fishbone's Seafood Restaurant & Grill on the Shell Factory property in North Fort Myers on Saturday July 25th.  We enjoyed happy hour prices on our favorite cocktails followed by dinner. The menu has something for everyone from seafood lovers dishes to landlubbers dishes and a good selection of sandwiches as well. We enjoyed sharing information on Southwest Florida and our favorite resort spots with our new guests and everyone had a good time.  All to quickly the evening was over and it was time to head home. Till next time!!!



AANR Skinny Dip

11 July 2015


17 Members from The Sanibel Naturists participated in the 2015 AANR Skinny Dip.  Hosts Dennis and Gail welcomed members to their home and their beautiful and private outdoor entertaining area.  The pool was warm and welcoming and everyone eagerly abandoned their garments and enjoyed some social time in the pool.  A plentiful BBQ was served by the hosts along with side dishes provided by members and then everyone was soon back in the pool.   It was a beautiful day and even Mother Nature cooperating by withholding the usual afternoon thunderstorms.  It was easy to get everyone nude in the pool for the skinny dip.  The hard part was getting everyone out of the pool long enough to do the paperwork.  It was a happy party.


Cypress Cove Nudist Spa & Resort
Weekend 4th of July 2015


Twelve Sanibel Naturists members traveled to Cypress Cove for the 4th of July week-end staying in apartments, or their campers.  Most were happy to be there for three or four days, others for a week, and one lucky couple for 10 days.  The pools were comfortably warm for socializing.  The hot tubs were hot and were really enjoyable early in the morning and after the afternoon rain had cooled the air down by about 20 degrees.  A nice couple from North Fort Myers found our group and they are considering getting a Sanibel Naturist membership. 

Friday afternoon Gene and Ginger hosted a cocktail party at their camper for members in attendance and celebrated Ginger's birthday with a cake, and various  peppermint and cinnamon spiced drinks that were almost frozen. 

Saturday at 1 PM at the main swimming pool, Cypress Cove's owner Ted Hadley had his staff put on an excellent presentation honoring past and present members of the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard.  A Color Guard (flag carrier) brought forward the flag of the United States of America while the National Anthem played.  Then flags from each branch of the military came forward one at a time to the front of the pool while that branches song was played.  About 250 to 300 people were in and around the pool during the ceremony and all applauded, whistled, and yelled constantly while the flags were being presented.  Then something different was done.  A hush fell over the crowd as every active duty and veteran was invited to come stand beside their military branches flag while America the Beautiful was played over the loud speaker system.  This was perhaps the very first time some these men and women had ever been recognized in public for their devotion to their country.  Some of the veterans had devoted 20 to 30 years of their young life to serving their country.  This was a very moving moment as these people love their country.   As they stood there by the flags listening to the crowd singing the song it was obvious they were real American patriots as quite a few of them had little tears running down their faces.   Gene stood up there by his military branches flag smiling… with tears in his eyes too.  

As the afternoon progressed, the staff led by Herman, our favorite bartender, held various contests and had drawings.  If a song or melody was played that had the word "America" in it, people rushed up to a special table and got extra raffle tickets for drawings of very nice prizes.  All the raffle tickets were free and all the active duty and veterans got one raffle ticket.  The final drawing was for the grand prize of Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection of blended Scotch whisky consisting of 3 bottles from the Trade Route Series, which is not sold in stores.  The grand winner was… Gene.  

Saturday night most of the members had dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant and were treated to a super Elvis performance.  "Elvis" performed non-stop from 7:00 pm until after 11:30 pm, and as always the dance floor was busy with dancers showing off their moves in attractive (or no) attire.   Around 9 pm we were treated to a great fireworks display by the lake adjacent to the restaurant.  


No trip to Cypress Cove is complete without at least a visit to the Fig Leaf boutique or the American Nudist Research Library (ANRL).  The boutique offers a great selection of fashions for men and women and attractive jewelry.  The nice looking, inexpensive, soft-plastic sandals are always a popular item with the ladies.  The ANRL library has been completely scanned into computers allowing for finding information instantly.  Unfortunately, the information is not available on-line via the internet at this time.  

The only minor disappointment was that the discount for having more than 5 rooms/campsites did not apply because it was a holiday week-end.  Otherwise, it was a wonderful, happy time.



Dinner  Out
June 6, 2015
Hurricane Charley's Raw Bar & Grill

Eleven Sanibel Naturists braved Florida's 91 degree summer heat and sunshine for a delicious Dinner Out at Hurricane Charley's Raw Bar & Grill in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The wait staff had placed 4 tables together forming a long table on the upper level of the dining room for us.  We were seated promptly at 5:30 pm by our waitress.  Drinks were ordered and then the socializing conversations began.  By 6 pm everyone had decided on what they wanted to eat, so our orders were taken by our smiling waitress, who reminded us that there is a buffet with great choices for $24, and we could eat as much as we wanted.  The buffet had prime rib which they cut about 5 by 8 inches and approximately 5/8 inch thick cooked the way that would make you drool.   Salmon, chicken, shrimp, and a lot of various side dishes were temptingly prepared.  Several of our members went for the buffet, and the rest ordered from the evenings menu.  Every plate of food served looked perfect and tasted even better. 
Following the dinner we sat around for awhile talking about what ever topic came up.  The subject of going to Edun Lake, Timber-lea, and Cypress Cove seemed to be the best subjects.  Then we went outside where the band was setting up for the evening entertainment and got someone to take the picture you can see above this article.
If you were thinking about going, but didn't, then you missed out on a wonderful dinner, good conversations, and great friends.  Some of those present drove 65 miles just to be there.   If you are not a member of the Sanibel Naturists, then join our club now, as the membership fee for a year is less than a dinner for two at a restaurant.  Maybe we will see you at our next activity. 



Quarterly Meeting
April 19, 2015
and Pool Party


The Sanibel Naturists Quarterly Meeting was presided over by our President Mary pictured above.  The 21 people present included members, new members, prospective members, and a guest from Washington DC who was visiting the area.  The meeting was short and the weather was perfect--warm and breezy--allowing everyone to get in the pool and hot tub at some time during the afternoon.  Our hosts provided the main entree of garlic butter chicken wings, which everyone loved, and the members brought side dishes creating a big supply of delicious food.  Laughter and  camaraderie was enjoyed by all.  It was another great party at Alan and Sue's home.  As the saying goes - a good time was had by all.


Timber-LEA Campout
March 6-8, 2015

Story By Mark F.




The Sanibel Naturist entertained Suncoast Naturist at the primitive Timber-Lea Campsite located outside of Arcadia close to Myakka State Park.  We say primitive because there wasn't any electricity, bathroom facilities, or running water.  We contracted a portable john with  a wash stand so we did have a place to go.  The festive group had corralled their campers and tents to entertain those in attendance.  The activities ranged from the typical BS to horseshoes and bean bag.  The days were warm, but the nights were cool.  The evening hours Friday were graced with a giant bond fire.


prepared by Perry,which was worthy of tribal history, and other activities included DJ services provided by Mark playing requests for those in attendance.  Saturday was graced with an informative Massage demonstration by Therese and music provided by Freeman & Mary Jane. Peggy and Bill satiated our collective hunger with grilled treats!  Gracing our presence through out the weekend were Canadian friends of Perry and Mary of who proved that "Kennyboy" is a synonym to "Party-boy"!  Saturday night everyone gathered around a camp fire, drank some form of tongue loosener, and shared funny things that had happened to them at other gatherings, and events.  


Those in attendance reluctantly broke camp on Sunday returning themselves to the World of the Clothed.   We want to thank the Suncoast Naturists for joining us on short notice.  It was decided that we would try to make this an annual joint campout.  Much thanks were extended to John, the owner of the property, for allowing our two clubs the use of his secluded property for this memorable gathering!   Also, many thanks to Gene and Ginger for their efforts in pulling this Campout together! Full list of Sanibel attendees; Ginger & Gene, Mary & Perry, Therese, John, Maureen & Mark, Mary Jane & Freeman, Deb & Walt, Susie & Roger, Marsha & Chet, Glen & Priscilla, and Bill & Peggy.

Photos by Gene

Dinner Out
Friday, February 20, 2015






The Sanibel Naturists are still eating out.  This month we went to Mel's Diner at 1331 North East Pine Island Road, Cape Coral, FL 33909.  There were 16 of us, which included 2 guests and 2 new members.  The head waiter sat us down at our tables three minutes before our reservation of 7 pm.  The diner was packed with people, yet our wait staff constantly checked on us to make sure we didn't need anything.
Everyone said the food was excellent, and the price was surprisingly low.  Several of our group said we should go back there more often.   I had to agree with them as almost everyone at my table commented on how tasty the food was, and how large the portions were.   We finished up our meals around 8:30 pm.   No one had room for dessert, so we paid our bills and departed.
If you couldn't make it, then I assure you that you missed a great Dinner Out.  If you are reading this and you are not a member of the Sanibel Naturists, then you should join us at a Dinner Out.  One visit with us and you'll be ready to sign an application form.  Here's a photo of us at our tables.

Dinner Out

Saturday, 24 January 2015






Here’s one end of the table with some of

our members ready to give their orders.

We had more members seated at the

other end of the table.




One couple ordered ribs and salads.


There’s a lot of ribs on that plate.


I had a big hamburger that turned out to be

more than I could eat.  We had a pretty good turnout

for an activity with only 48 hours notice.

Everyone said their dinner was great, and they

want to come back again soon. Join us next time.



31st Annual Meeting
In North Port, Florida
11 January 2015

Usually we post a picture of people in the swimming pool and or hot tub.  But this time it will be different. 
We had a perfect lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs, lots of side dishes, and desserts.  Then the 31st Annual Meeting was called to order by our President.  The various officers and committee members gave their reports, which was approved by the members.  We spent extra time discussing a new camping location and looking a photos of the location.  The new location received a thumbs up, so our Membership chairman and the Email/Website chairman will contact the owner and start working out details. 
When the meeting was over the social time began with people getting in and out of the hot tub and pool.  However, there was a special football game on TV and a few of our members happily sat around the bar watching it.  Our sincere thanks to Alan and Sue for hosting our party and meeting.  If you are not a member of the Sanibel Naturists, then you should consider joining us. 

Dinner Out

November 7 2014


On a warm Florida night twenty of our members gathered t Hurricane Charley's Raw Bar & Grill in Punta Gorda, FL for a dinner out.  The evening started out with cocktails at 6 pm to allow time for everyone to arrive before dinner at 7 pm.  Charley's had pushed 5 tables end-to-end so that we could all sit at one long table.  Everyone agreed that they had an excellent dinner, the service was good and responsive, and the prices were just right.  Winter time is when we have the best turnouts for Dinner Outs.  Probable for two basic reasons.  First, our Northern members, Snowbirds, come south, and secondly it is sometimes a bit too cool for regular flotillas to our club's beach on the Gulf of Mexico.  Naturally, everyone wants to keep up with whats going on, so the Dinner Out provides the perfect setting for socializing.   There will not be a Dinner Out in December as we will be having our Annual Christmas Membership Dinner for all of our members.






Quarterly Meeting

October 12, 2014




It was a perfect day for a pool party, lunch, and a Quarterly Meeting.  Twenty one Sanibel Naturists traveled to North Port and each brought a side dish to go alongwith fried chicken, cheese macaroni, and salad.  There were about 6 side dishes,and at least 9 different desserts.  The buffet line started at 1 pm with almosteveryone going back for seconds.  The Quarterly Meeting started at 2 pm and wasover at 2:32pm.  Even though a lot of subjects were throughly talked over everyone waspleased that the meeting was short.  People kept getting into the warm pool and gettingout again, but at one time there were 14 people in it for a picture.  Our thanks to ourhosts Alan and Sue F. for a wonderful dinner and great party.  If any member would liketo host a daytime or nighttime party, then contact our Secretary by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the page.

 Dinner Out

September 13, 2014


Eight Sanibel Naturists enjoyed an excellent dinner at the Ford's garage on Saturday, 13 Sep 2014.  The restaurant's specialties are burgers, and they are well worth the price.  They take a 9 oz burger about the size of a softball and press it down until it is about 5 inches in diameter, then it is cooked to your specifications and dressed out with the toppings you want.  None of us ordered the same thing, and each person said their dinner was perfect.






Following dinner we all went the Dennis and Gail's home for a swim in
a heated pool and relaxing in the hot tub.  It was a great night and if you
didn't get a chance to go, perhaps next time you'll find a way to attend.


Cypress Cove Resort Road Trip
1-3 August 2014
Eight of our members traveled to Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa for the weekend of August 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 2 couples camping, and 2 couples staying in the villa rooms.  Mary Kay and John got to christen their new camper and Cypress Cove is the best place for that.  The weather turned out great and we all enjoyed the pool and the hot tub.  Saturday night, 6 of us had dinner in the restaurant and also attended the Toga party and contest. Kudos to Dennis and Gail for taking first place and winning a certificate for $40 off of their dinner.  After the festivities, we went to the pool and hot tub for our night time dips before we retired for the night.  It would be great if more members could attend events like this.  We always have a blast at Cypress Cove. 



Quarterly Meeting

20 July 2014

Eighteen people showed up for the July Quarterly Meeting held at Dennis and Gail’s home in Fort Myers, Florida. We had a great time swimming and hanging around in the ultra nice swimming pool. The weather cooperated with a beautiful sunny day. Our hosts provided various kinds of meats and cheeses for do-it-yourself sandwiches, and the members brought all kinds of side dishes and desserts. We had everything from potato salad to grilled grouper, and key lime pie to brownies. No one went home hungry.

Our President could not make it, so Gene was appointed President Pro-Tem to conduct the meeting which lasted only 50 minutes. Subject included: the ordering of new baseball style caps with a zipper pocket in beige, light blue, and pink, membership increases, answers to incoming emails are being handled on a first in-first out basis, and benefits of AANR Memberships. Photo shows our host’s pool bar and those that were preparing to leave after 5 hours of fun and information.



Quarterly Meeting
13 April 2014
Twenty Five Sanibel Naturists came to the April Quarterly Meeting hosted by Gene & Ginger.  That was just 4 people short of breaking the old record of 28 members at a Quarterly Meeting.  Alan and Sue  cooked the best BBQ pork ribs you have ever tasted, and the members brought so many side dishes that they completely filled an 8 ft long table.  Everyone ate until they could not hold anymore.  The meeting was fairly short and to the point.  President Mary B. told of our sit-down breakfast with AANR's President, Susan Weaver, and some of the highlights of that meeting.   Although the weather was warm and the sky was absolutely clear, the pool was kept at 90 degrees, so no one wanted to get out of either one.  If you were not there, then you missed some excellent food and friendly conversations.   The next Quarterly Meeting will be in July.  If you would like to host it, then contact our President or Secretary.


at Cypress Cove
4-6 April 2014
The weather was perfect for camping.   Springtime in Florida means No Bugs, and comfortable nights without air conditioning.  Eight Sanibel Naturists travelled to near Kissimmee, Florida for Cypress Cove's 50th Anniversary weekend.   The poolside music during the day was great, and the bands at night were excellent.   Some of the ladies enjoyed shopping at the Fig Leaf Boutique for the latest in sun hats and T-Shirts.  On Saturday night the family that started Cypress Cove was present during the evening festivities.   A son gave a brief history of the Cove and his parents dream of a resort and spa for naturists.   The President of AANR, Susan Weaver, thanked the owners for their perseverance and forethought in starting the Cove.  The Sanibel Naturists were lucky in getting Susan to join them for breakfast on Sunday morning, and giving us some insights into how AANR is working to breakdown legal barriers for all naturists in the USA.  She also gave us some candid advice on how to improve our operations.  One couple had vehicle problems, but their fellow club members stepped up and minimized their problems.  Next trip to Cypress Cove will be during the summer.  Plan on going with us.


at Chili's in Cape Coral
25 Jan 2014
Yippie!  We ate some spicy food that tingled the palette.  Eight Sanibel Naturists and six guests had reserve seating during prime time at Chili's.   We got our drinks and food orders in almost instantly, and then we settled down to socializing getting to know our guests and answering questions.   When the food came it was comfortably hot, tasty, and not pricey.  Dinner Outs are a great way for prospective members to meet us and and see just how friendly we are.


hosted by Alan & Sue
19 Jan 2014
The Sanibel Naturist held election of officers at their 31st Annual Meeting.  The day started off at 12 noon with socializing followed by lunch.   The club paid for the main entre.  Alan and Sue had prepared the most outstanding BBQ'ed ribs and chicken wings any of us had ever eaten.  Side dishes included a potato casserole, 2 different kinds of baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, and for dessert there was a cheesecake and a cherry pie.   After lunch the meeting was called to order, and the usual information was passed out.  The ballots were counted and at the end of the meeting the newly elected officers were announced.  Mary B., Mary K., and Gail S. were reelected as President, Secretary, and Treasure.   Our newly reelected President then announced the Board Members:  Mark F. as Editor, with Membership to be handled by Bill and Peggy T.  With the meeting over, people got into the oversized hot tub or sat around the tables and bar talking for the rest of the day.   Our thanks to Alan and Sue for being our hosts.


at Edun Lake Resort
12 Jan 2014
What a day!   It was the largest crowd Edun Lake has ever had on a Pot Luck Sunday since the new owners took over.  Our club helped increase the head count by having 16 members there.  The food was good, the people were very friendly, and the music was nice, but a bit loud.  Our members had a great time, so we will have more activities there in the future.  Our thanks to Edun Lake Resort's David and Roxanne.  


hosted by Gene & Ginger
31 Dec 2013
(no photo available)
Nineteen members started arriving at 8 pm to attend the Nude Year's Eve Party.   The music was lively, h'orderves were plentyful, and everyone was dressed in their nudist appropriate NYE festive style of dress.   The weather cooperated with us by not being as cool as predicted.  The hot tub was hot and several people took advantage of it, but almost everyone got into the warm 94 degree pool and hung around visiting and talking in it for hours.  About 11 pm an area warming type of gas heater was brought out and almost everyone not in the pool gathered around it.  At midnight the big bell over the bar was slowly rung 12 times, Champagne was toasted with, old acquaintances were renewed for the coming year with a big hug, and the big bell was rung again rapidly for about 40 times.  The party go'ers were able to party as much as they wanted.  Prior to the start of the party overnight sleeping accommodations at the house for up to 17 people had been established.   Eleven people opted to stay overnight to avoid a possible traffic problem on their way home after midnight.   Thanks to everyone that came for a fun-filled night of eating, talking, and partying for the Nude Year's Eve celebration.

hosted by Dennis & Gail
14 Dec 2013
The party started at 3 pm, and 35 members and guests were there.  The plan had been to spend some time in the swimming pool prior to the Christmas Dinner, but earlier in the day the pool heater broke, so the water was only about 80 degrees.  A few hardy souls got into the pool and really enjoyed it.  Dinner was a traditional one with honey baked ham, oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry & walnet casserole, cornbread & dressing, cinnamon apples.  Additionally we had some grilled grouper and various chips & dips.   Everyone had all they could eat and there were some leftovers.  Following the dinner each member selected a gift when their number was drawn.  The club paid for everything including the gifts at $20 each.   It's great to be a member of a big, stable, established club.   Thank you Dennis and Gail for opening your home to us.



The Sanibel Naturists held their Quarterly Meeting in Fort Myers on Saturday 12, 2013 at the home of Dennis and Gail.  The club provided grilled Sausage, Hamburgers, and fried Grouper all cooked by Neal.  The members attending brought side dishes and beverages.  The meeting lasted about 40 minutes, so the rest of the day was spent socializing with each other and hanging out in the new pool.  Check the Calendar below for our next event.



Dinner Out At
Phil's 41 Restaurant
16 Nov 2013
Fourteen people showed up for the Dinner Out at Phil's 41 Restaurant in Punta Gorda, Florida on Saturday night.  First they gathered in the screened in patio area for 2 for 1 drinks which are available until midnight, while indoors the 2 for 1's end up at 6 PM.  We had reservations for 14 people, so we had to be seated at two different tables.  When questioned about what each person ordered to eat everyone said the food was delicious, and the amount was more than gracious.  The service was very prompt and friendly even though the restaurant was filled to capacity with customers.   Dan, a new member, attended his first Sanibel Naturists event at the Dinner Out.  Welcome to the club Dan!
Following dinner everyone drove over to Jack and Cyn's beautiful home; for quieter socializing, after dinner snacks, a dip in the heated pool, and relaxing in the hot tub.