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Q: How can I join your club?

A: Please complete the membership form found on the Membership page of this website and mail it to the address shown.  Be sure to include your full name, address and contact information (phone and e-mail).  Prospective members do need to attend one of our Club activities in order to get acquainted with us and vice versa.  Once we recieve your contact information, you will be contacted and provided a list of upcoming activities you might attend.


Q: Where are the nude beaches in the S.W. Florida area?

A: Florida State law prohibits nudity in a public place including public beaches. Even on a remote section of a county or state owned beach you could be arrested if you are nude. Also, there are not any beaches on the Gulf Coast between Tampa and the Florida Keys that allow topless sunbathing. The Sanibel Naturists owns a small section of the beach on a bridgeless, barrier island for club members' use. Only our diligent and mindful respect for the property, and the island's other visitors allows us to continue using this privately owned property for nude sunbathing. No nude sunbathing or swimming is permitted unless our property has been properly posted with our signs, as directed by Lee County officials.


Q: What is the difference between your Club and other nudist clubs in your area?

A: Most of the other clubs are either "landed" or "non-landed" clubs. If they are "landed" then they own property and/or a clubhouse generally located "in-land", if they are "non-landed" they do not. The Sanibel Naturists is a "non-landed club" although we own undeveloped property. We have a variety of activities like Dinners Out, gathering at individual member's homes, and going to our beach. We are the only club in AANR that owns a stretch of beach front property on the Gulf Coast where we can sunbath and swim in the nude. Obviously we make every effort to co-operate with the Law Enforcement and the Community on our beach. Until you join our Club you must be accompanied by a member of the Sanibel Naturists to visit our beach.


Q: Do you have rooms or condo's on your beach for rent?

A: We do not have rooms or condo's for rent, nor do we have a club house. Our privately owned beach is very pristine and does not have any facilities.


Q: Where do your Flotillas start from, how many boats go, and what time do they come back?

A: A Flotilla is made up from our members that have a special interest in boats and boating. The individual boat owner start from wherever they want to put their boat into the water. Our boat owning members are scattered up and down the coast and even inland. Some of them trailer their boats, and others have their boats in canals behind their homes. We do not have a single starting point, we only have the single destination of our beach. The boat owners pick and chose which Flotilla they wish to attend based on a lot of factors with the weather being the primary one. They return to their individual starting points whenever they are ready to leave the island.


Q: Can I join you on a Flotilla to your beach, even though I don't own a boat?

A: Most of our members are not boat owners, and the club does not own a boat. Some of our members with boats may offer a ride to the beach. Also, some local captains offer private charters to and from our beach, for a scheduled flotilla. For more details contact us.


Q: If I go on a Flotilla to your beach, do I have to get "nude"?
A: The primary purpose of going to a nude beach is to get nude and enjoy the sunshine on your skin.  If you don't want to get nude, then a regular beach would be easier to get to.  Our Club's activities are clothing optional with the obvious exceptions of the Dinners Out,  and other public events.  You will never feel pressured by our members to "get naked"!  If you are a nudist and your partner is not, you are both graciously welcome to join us together.


Q: Are singles and families with children welcome to join your Club?

A: Our Club is open to singles and families. We encourage anyone who is interested in the naturists lifestyle to join the Sanibel Naturists.


Q: Does your Club have a "Code of Conduct"?

A: Yes we do and we ask that you preview the "Etiquette" section of our website before attending any of our events.


Q: I am from out of town and a member of AANR and FANR, and a club where I live. Can I go use your beach?

A: As a general rule, "No" you may not. There are two exceptions: being invited and accompanied by one of our members, or attending as a guest of the club at a scheduled flotilla. Keep in mind that our beach is private property, and is not open to the public.


Q: Can a couple of your members invite my club to go to your beach?

A: Before extending the invitation, they would have to get prior approval from our Board of Directors. 

Q: What is our Website Privacy Policy?

A: Our website uses cookies to collect information from visitors so we can improve your access on the site. Our company is hosted on the platform. Our data may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. 

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